Melanie has combined her extensive knowledge and experience in therapeutic interventions for mind and body in pregnancy and birth to deliver a very comprehensive antenatal birth preparation which includes hypnobirthing. 

121 Complete Antenatal classes 

This comprehensive antenatal course is facilitated bespoke to you, it can also be offered as a weekend, a day or over more sessions if preferable. The course is abundant in content and fully immerses you in the physical and emotional preparation required for your babys birth. The course format gives you dedicated space and time in a very busy world to devote yourselves fully to the knowledge and experiences offered. It is also super convenient for working parents and unlike other antenatal courses, no late nights are required! Limited weekend availability. 
Delivered by Melanie – an extensively qualified Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Active Birth Teacher, Perinatal and Holistic Therapist. 
Comfortable therapeutic resources – bean bags, birth ball, blankets, 
Reading materials provided for reference – no need to hold it in your head. 
Relaxation techniques and exercises for both mother and birth partner 
Active Birth principles (Trained with Janet Balaskas , London) 
Hypnobirthing principles, resources and techniques – free hypnosis recordings included 
Step by step through each stage of labour and birth – a tangible physical experience, no need to hold it in your head 
Includes meditation for relaxation and connection with baby and or partner. 
This antenatal birth preparation is for you if you would like your birth experience to be CALM, CONFIDENT, and CONNECTED. Melanies trauma informed antenatal classes are antenatal classes with a difference. They are dynamic and holistic. The focus of these classes are the emotional and physical preparation required for a positive birth experience. The sharing of high quality information serves not only to teach you how birth works but to make it easier to tap into what your body already knows. Unfortunately, this knowledge is frequently undermined, medicalised and abandoned in our society today. Melanies approach is trauma informed which creates safety with or without a story or history of trauma. Therefore very suitable for parents who have experienced loss, trauma, assisted conception etc  
This birth preparation is designed holistically for mind body and soul. As in life, there are no guarantees with birth. However, with this comprehensive antenatal course you are guaranteed to have the strength and courage to lean into birth. You will know exactly how your body works in labour and birth. With excellent, reliable and current information you and your birth partner will be inspired to be unafraid and develop a full toolkit of comfort measures and hypnobirthing skills for labour and birth. Most importantly, you are supported to feel safe and confident to understand and make decisions in the face of uncertainty as labour and birth unfolds.  
The session will cover: 
Physiological changes in the last 6 weeks of pregnancy 
Optimising conditions for labour 
Positions the baby may adopt and how to encourage optimal foetal positioning 
Stages of labour 
How labour may start . 
What about induction of labour ? 
Your baby’s journey - Active birth positions to help the baby’s descent 
Coping with the sensations and pain of labour 
Decision making in labour and birth - challenges and tools 
The very important role of the birth partner 
Birthing the placenta 
Welcoming your baby 
Newborn parents emotional and physical well-being in the early days 
During this session you will develop a toolkit of Practical skills for labour and birth including: 
Hypnobirthing for pregnancy relaxation, labour and birth 
Breathing techniques 
Conscious affirmations for birth 
Massage techniques 
Complementary therapeutic comfort measures 
Spinning babies techniques for various stages of pregnancy and possible challenges in labour 
Considerations for your birth plan – and your postnatal plan 
Decision making during labour and birth 
Overview of homeopathy 
Acupressure points and massage 
Receive expert insights about common medical interventions, and when to use them 
When medical assistance is offered – navigating the choices and language of the maternity care systems 
121 Antenatal Refresher Course 
121 Private Antenatal Refresher course is designed and tailored to you, your previous experiences and individual circumstances. Topics covered and duration will depend on your previous antenatal learning and experiences.  
Contact Melanie for more details 
You will have all the information, skills and techniques you need to ensure that you and your birth partner feel calm, confident and assured. 
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