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Just wanted to let you know that I am pregnant and I wanted to thank you once again for all your support through the rewind treatments. It really has made such a difference to my life and this time last year I could not have thought about even trying for baby number 2. Now I am pregnant and whilst I am naturally a little nervous about this babys birth I feel really calm. 
Lindsey – Chertsey 
I am so grateful to have met melanie I was losing hope and confused about what was happening to me. When I met her I felt instant relief – at last someone understood what I had been going through for the last 5 years since the birth of my youngest son… Through our work together she has helped me to understand and equipped me with a toolbox of strategies and techniques. The birth trauma rewind therapy has been a revelation for me and I cannot overemphasise how much positive benefit it has brough me. I feel stronger and braver. 
Zerah – Slough 
I first got in touch with Melanie at Big Steps Little Feet when I was about 32 weeks pregnant. I was suffering with huge amounts of anxiety and worry around the birth of my second baby due to undiagnosed trauma in my first birth and post-natal period. Her 3 step re-wind programme had been recommended to me but I was worried and skeptical at first... (what were they going to do to my mind?!) But Melanie helped me feel so relaxed and at ease; she is like a breath of fresh air when it comes to birth. Melanie is warm, understanding, kind, supportive, funny and has become such a huge part of my life and this process of healing, I have absolutely loved our sessions together and feel a deep connection with her as a therapist and fellow mother. 
I honestly cannot recommend the 3 step re-wind enough, I went from a panicked, anxious, guilt-ridden mum who TRULY felt that I couldn't birth this baby and couldn't face the post-natal period, to a calm, confident 37 week pregnant birthing QUEEN who is actually looking forward (yes, LOOKING FORWARD) to birthing this baby, and facing all the new challenges motherhood will throw at me. Every day I say how astounded I am about how much the process has helped me, it really is incredible and has been the best gift I could have given myself in this pregnancy. If you are suffering after a traumatic birth or post-natal period and feel it is effecting you, then please consider this process. I still have all the memories of the birth and after-wards but none of the anxiety and pain that went with it. Good luck mamas! You got this! 
Bryony Egham 
Anyone suffering with birth trauma - I cannot recommend Melanie enough, this process has truly changed my life, it was the best gift I gave myself this pregnancy.... so if you have had a traumatic birth experience - whatever that looks like or feels like get in touch with Melanie. The 3 step rewind programme is just amazing, and I think EVERY woman should have access to it and know about it 
Kate - Windsor 
I am a totally different mother to my daughter now and it's just thanks to her! If you are not happy with your birth expereince or are pregnant and wish to prepare for birth, please, please reach out to Melanie. I wish I had met her earlier, there is nothing better you can do for yourself and your baby. 
Laura - Henley 
I wish every woman that gives birth could have the opportunity to work with Melanie. I didnt think I had a 'traumatic birth' but found myself grieving for the home water birth that didnt eventuate.... Melanie has a calmig grounding presence that was just what I needed after these experiences and the challenging breastfeeding journey I was going through..... 
Since processing the trauma and challenges through this work with Melanie I can show up for myself and my family as the confident mum I now am! 
Melanie - Maidenhead 
Anyone suffering from birth trauma of any kind, I cannot recommend Melanie Valecha enough  
Sarah – Midwife Windsor 
Any mammas who had an emotionally or physically traumatic birth, there is help out there! I've heard from several mums who've benefited hugely from Melanie Valecha's 3 step re-wind programme 
I wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Melanie to every woman that is stepping into motherhood or has given birth; Melanie is an exceptional practitioner and the best support one could wish for. Melanie supported me after a traumatic birth during COVID. The process allowed me to heal from the traumatic experience and totally transformed the negative emotions I had around my birth story. 
Melanie has a rare ability to inspire calm and make one feel seen and heard. 
Sara - Binfield 
Melanie is an amazing person with a great heart and the best support one could ever wish for during pregnancy, birth and postnatal. We were so lucky to be guided by her wisdom and knowledge as new parents a few years ago. After a not so easy first birth Melanie was there to help me acknowledge and heal the trauma and get ready for another baby. Without that I probably wouldn't have been able to give birth again but I did and now we are blessed with two beautiful boys. Melanie literally took me by the hand and guided me on my journey into motherhood. I would whole heartedly recommend her services to anyone who is looking for someone who will make a profound change to your experience of becoming a mother / father. 
Jessie - Reading 
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